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Bokashi is the Japanese word meaning 'fermentation'. Bokashi Bran is revolutionary in that, when used with a Bokashi Bucket, allows you to compost all of your household food waste - including meat, fish, dairy products and even small bones! The Bokashi Bran is enriched with effective micro-organisms (EMs) and mollasses which ferments the food waste and neutralises smells. Once fermented in the Bokashi Bucket it can then be dug into the soil as an excellent conditioner, added to a compost pile or bin, or introduced to a Wormery. When introduced to a compost heap, the Bokashi waste acts as an accelerator to speed up the composting process.

The process also gives you a liquid which you can use as a plant food (dilute to hundred parts water) or to unblock / reduce algae build up in drains!

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Bokashi Buckets are clean, odourless and simple to use. You simply introduce your waste to the Bokashi Bucket, sprinkle some Bokashi Bran over the top and repeat the process until the Bokashi Bucket is full. Then, you leave it for 2-3 weeks to complete the fermentation, drawing liquid off every few days. Once complete, the waste is ready to be dug into the garden, added to your compost heap or introduced to a Wormery to be 'finished off'. Because the Bokashi has fermented the food and neutralised any odour, it should no longer attract vermin when put into your composter.

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