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... simply the best quality Bokashi Bran!

Our excellent Bokashi Bran is hand-made and of very high quality. Enriched with beneficial effective microbes and a mollasses base - this bran is perfect for use in a Bokashi Bucket, or used as a soil improver or compost accellerator.

Bokashi Bran is also a great addition to chicken feed to improve digestion and can neutralise smell in Wormeries.

Bokashi Bran does have a distinctive sweet smell - similar to that of hops and using it is a very pleasurable experience!

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Buy with confidence and bear in mind our Price Promise when ordering. We aim to be the best value source of bran online and because you are buying direct from the supplier you can benefit from assured quality and value. Some Bokashi Bran available online has not been properly enriched and will not work as well in your Bokashi Bucket. Nobody knows more about Bokashi than we do!

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Bokashi Bran

Regular Bokashi Bran

1 Kg of Bokashi Bran

3 Kg of Bokashi Bran

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Bokashi Bran
Bokashi Bran
Bokashi Bran
Bokashi Bran
Bokashi Bran

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Bokashi Bran Nuggets

Bokashi Bran Nuggets are a byproduct of our production process. We carry out the labour-intensive process of Bokashi production here in our rural Devon headquarters.

To make the Bokashi we first mix careful measures of EM1 effective-microorganisms to our chosen substrate (usually wheat bran or clean, untreated, sawdust). After thorough mixing (using an industrial mixer) we pack the Bokashi tightly, removing all the air and store for several weeks in large airtight drums. Once the EM has had good time to inoculate the bran, it needs drying. On hot sunny days we do this outside by simply spreading the bran over tarpaulins - at other times we have specially modified racking that take advantage of the heat of our compost bin manufacturing room.

The final stage of the process, prior to bagging up, is the sieving of the finished product. It's at this point that we end up with a small quantity of lumps and bumps that have clumped together during the drying process. These are just as effective as the rest of the mix but of course are harder to spread evenly - so we offer them here at a reduced cost. The vast majority of them should easily crumble up with a squeeze.

Bokashi Bran Nuggets 1Kg

Bokashi Bran Nuggets 3Kg

Bokashi Bran Nuggets 6Kg

Bokashi Bran Nuggets 15Kg

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Bokashi Nuggets
Bokashi Nuggets
Bokashi Nuggets
Bokashi Nuggets
Bokashi Nuggets

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A Bucket of Bokashi Bran, Sawdust and Nuggets

We've taken some of our white airtight kitchen bucket caddies and filled them right to the brim with at least 2.2Kg of Bokashi Bran - giving you an excellent value package deal to take advantage of.

The white bucket has an airtight fitted lid and handy carry handle.

Initially a useful container for keeping your bran dry and protected from the elements - but once you've used the bran up it can be a handy kitchen caddy.

Kitchen Caddy with approx 2.5Kg Bokashi Bran

Kitchen Caddy with approx 3kg Bokashi Nuggets

Bokashi Nuggets
Bokashi Nuggets

Only £11.90

Only £10.90

Or spread the deliveries through the year!

Multibuy Bokashi Bran 12KG (3KG x 4 times a year)

Multibuy Bokashi Bran 25KG (5KG x 5 times a year)

Get 3Kg Bokashi Bran delivered every 3 months for a year. Total 12 Kg. Your first 3Kg will be despatched immediately followed by 3Kg more at 3 month intervals for the rest of the 12 month period. You will only be charged one £5.95 delivery charge.

Get 5Kg Bokashi Bran delivered every 10 weeks. Total 25 Kg. Your first 5Kg will be despatched immediately followed by 5Kg more at 10 weekly intervals for the rest of the 12 month period. You will only be charged one £5.95 delivery charge.

Only £49.90

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