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Bokashi Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bokashi Bucket?

A Bokashi Bucket is a specially designed container which allows for Bokashi kitchen composting of your food waste including meat, fish and even small bones – when used with Bokashi Bran.

For more information check out our instructions guide here.

What is Bokashi Bran?

Bokashi Bran is a wheat bran base which has been enriched with molasses and active effective micro-organisms (EMs). When used with a Bokashi Bucket it is used to ferment food waste making it safe for further composting. Bokashi Bran is also used to feed chickens or as a compost accelerator.

What can I not put into a Bokashi Bucket?
  • Liquids
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Meat Bones
Does it smell?

Not really. The Bokashi Bran eliminates foul smells and the bran itself is sweet smelling.

How long does the process take?

The actual fermentation process takes 2-3 weeks which is why we recommend the rotation kit. This allows you to leave one bucket to ferment whilst you’re filling the other and rotate every 2-3 weeks.

What can I do with the contents once they are fermented?

You have several options. The most popular is to tip the contents into a garden composter or compost heap to finish off. Because the waste has been fermented – it is now perfectly safe to add to the composter – even though it once contained meat / fish / cooked food.

Alternatively, you can tip the contents into a Wormery – but be careful not to overfeed the Wormery. If you add the contents of the Bokashi Bucket to your Wormery, be sure to add some lime mix too to avoid acidic conditions where possible.

The other option is simply digging it straight into the soil in your garden. We don’t recommend planting directly onto it for a couple of weeks afterwards but once you do the soil will be highly nutritious.

It's all gone mouldy! Is it going wrong?

If it’s white mould – don’t worry. In fact, white mould is a good sign. If it’s green mould then this is a sign you should add more Bokashi Bran.

What can I do with this liquid?

The liquid collected in a Bokashi Bin is very strong and needs to be diluted to 10 parts water before use (1 Liquid : 10 Water). Once diluted you can use it as a plant feed in your garden. Or, you can tip it down the drain to help prevent algae build up. If you do this – you do not need to dilute it if you don’t wish to.