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Reusable Twisties (Twist Ties) - 4 piece Set (4 x 450mm)

Reusable Twisties (Twist Ties) - 4 piece Set (4 x 450mm)

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Reusable Twisties (Twist Ties) - 4 piece Set (4 x 450mm)

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Twist, tie & turn the Reusable Twisties for easy securing. This great product has 100's of uses for you around the home, in the car or even the workplace, it is limited only by your imagination. They can aid you in camping, DIY, sport and have many more useful applications. 

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The Reusable Twisties have 100's of uses to you; for DIY, in your car or workplace and around your home. These nifty items can help you in more than one way, whether it is used for camping, playing sports, DIY or even automotive applications, you can rely on the twisties to keep your items secure. It is a simple design, yet it can aid you in more ways than one. You can tie your cables together so you don't lose them, keep the wires attached to the side to avoid any hazard or even shape it to act as a stand for your phone or tablet.
It is made from a tough, flexible steel core which gives it extra strength to keep all of your items secured. You can pull, twist and tie the twisties time and time again.

  • 4 piece card containing 4 x 450mm TWISTIES
  • Twist, tie & turn for easy securing
  • 100's of uses for DIY, around the home, car or workplace
  • Tough, flexible, rubber coated steel core
  • 25Kg Maximum Static Load
  • Technical Spec
    25kg max static load. Colour: Blue. 4 x 45 cm.

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